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Take a pool of talent, add deep experience, and innovation is bound to happen. Think high tech in Silicon Valley, automobiles in Germany and sport aviation in the Czech Republic, where a reservoir of aviation expertise was unleashed when the country won its independence.
TL-ULTRALIGHT was established there in 1989, the year of the "Velvet Revolution," and is now a leading manufacturer of light sport aircraft, melding modern technology with old-fashioned craftsmanship to create each new aircraft.

This is the Sirius

We designed the Sirius to build on our extensive knowledge of carbon composite manufacturing. This aircraft is a high-wing sibling to our low-wing Sting line, which is now in its fourth generation of optimization.

The Sirius is fabricated with the same technology and craftsmanship as the Sting, and similarly equipped, and it offers the easy access of a high-wing airplane. Control yokes leave the deck uncluttered, and in-flight adjustable pedals adapt to fit different body shapes and sizes. The cabin is roomy; baggage space is generous and can be modified to accommodate a set of golf clubs.

Choose the Sirius for comfort, travel and performance in a high-wing configuration.

Peak Performance

And Loaded with Features


The Sirius is a composite aircraft with engine located in the front. The primary structure is 85% carbon fiber for maximum strength with low weight. The wing skin and fuselage is a sandwich of carbon fiber and foam core, glued together with epoxy. The coating is then vacuum bagged and oven cured.

Highly stressed parts are made in an autoclave. The high safety carbon frame with rollover protective structure (ROPS) ensures crew safety, even in the event of the aicraft being overturned. Finishing is done using white two-component paint. The final design touches are applied with vinyl film covering.

In its classic high-wing configuration, the Sirius builds on our experience in design and manufacture of carbon composite aircraft, incorporating what we’ve learned from extensive flight testing and pilot feedback. It is an airplane that is comfortable, roomy, responsive, reliable and fun to fly.


The Rotax 912ULS four cycle, four cylinder engine is lightweight, powerful, well-proven and reliably flown all over the world. We mount it with an oversized radiator and oil cooler, and a three-bladed, ground-adjustable composite propeller that is perfectly matched to engine and airframe.

Rotax is a subsidiary of Bombardier Recreational Products and the world’s leading supplier of aircraft engines for light aircraft.

The 912ULS produces 100 peak horsepower at 5800 rpm and 95 horsepower at 5500 rpm in continuous operation, and burns 91 octane unleaded auto fuel or 100LL aviation fuel.

Cylinder heads are liquid-cooled to increase operating efficiency and allow optimum power extraction under all operating conditions. The coolant also provides a CO-free heat source for the cockpit and for the carburetor de-icing system, which operates full-time without causing power degradation.


The Sirius is maneuverable and stable throughout the entire speed range. From just above stall, to fast cruise, its performance will surprise you.

Our engineers paid particular attention to low airspeed aerodynamics. With its large wing area and generous electric flaps, the Sirius behaves very well in slow flight and lands predictably. At high speed the aircraft’s clean lines offer optimal performance with low fuel consumption.

The upholstered, wide cabin and large luggage area make travel inviting, and the Sirius can be equipped with a selection of avionics to suit every owner’s requirements. There is a great view out of windows that surround the cabin and, if aerial photography interests you, the door can be opened in flight or easily removed on the ground.

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Comfort + Ergonomics + Control


The roomy cabin provides uncompromised comfort for long voyages. It is fully upholstered, equipped with in-flight adjustable rudder pedals, and controls that are within comfortable reach.  Quiet operation results from continual improvements in aerodynamics and structure. Other features include:

  • easy entry & exit
  • map pockets both sides
  • dual fresh air ventilation
  • fresh air cabin heat
  • 12 volt accessory plugs
  • generous luggage space (can be modded for golf clubs)


The Sirius affords excellent visibility with windows that surround the cabin, and a wide view of the ground. Doors can be opened in slow flight to enable photography.


The Sirius can be equipped with the latest single or dual EFIS displays, MFD, EIS and a variety of NAV/COM options. Systems such as the Garmin G3X touch and the Dynon Skyview are available. Autopilot may be integrated with these systems, even with fully automatic landing approach.


Every control is placed within field of vision and comfortable reach. Control yokes with PTT are provided, both sides, along with in-flight adjustable rudder pedals and toe brakes. Throttle, choke, trim, fuel & electric flap controls are center-mounted.


TL-Ultralight has led the light sport industry in safety from early days. Standard features of the Sirius include the integral carbon fiber roll cage, whole-plane parachute, four point inertia reel seat belts, full-time carburetor body heat, wig-wag recognition lighting and ELT 406mhz emergency beacon.

Watch Us Fly!

A moving picture is worth 1000 words.

Sirius Videos

Here is a sampling of videos that are available to view on YouTube. To find more videos: [click].

By The Numbers

Speeds (in knots)

Never exceed: Vne 138
Max continuous power: Vh 118
Max structural cruise: Vno 108
Cruise, 75% power 115
Maneuvering speed: Va 86
Max speed, 1st set flaps 75
Max speed, 2nd set flaps 65
Max speed, full flaps 55
Best rate climb: Vy 65
Best angle climb: Vx 55
Stall, no flaps: Vs 43
Stall, full flaps: Vso 34
Max rate of climb, fpm 1000'+

Distances & Fuel

Takeoff 350'
Takeoff, 50' obstacle 970'
Landing 490'
Landing, 50' obstacle 1050'
Endurance w/reserve 6.4 hrs
Service ceiling 14.500'
Fuel, dual wing tanks 34
Fuel, premium auto 91 octane
Fuel Avgas 100LL


Max takeoff 1320
Max takeoff, seaplane 1430
Basic empty 760
Max useful load 560
Max luggage 75
Load factors/limits +4/-2g

Basic Dimensions

Wing span 30.84'
Length 22.15'
Height 7.38'
Cockpit width 46"


Light, tough carbon fiber
GRS whole-plane parachute
Tinted windows
Aluminum wheels with covers
Heated pitot tube
Dual static ports

Engine & Prop

SS firewall
SS exhaust
Slipper clutch
Full-time carb body heat
Oil cooler w/bypass
Aux electric fuel pump
3-blade ground-adjust prop

Instrument Panel

Airspeed , altimeter, tach
Oil temp & pressure, CHT, hour meter
Pedestal mounted compass
Low voltage warning light
PM 1000II intercom
ELT 406mhz



4-point inertia reel safety harnesses
Fully upholstered
Dual fresh air vents
Map pockets both sides
Fresh air cabin heat
Two 12-volt accessory plugs
Accessible baggage area
Fire extinguisher


Glass cockpit (Garmin, Dynon & more)
Nav/Com selections
Moving map/MFD
Night lighting
Halon fire extinguisher
iPad panel mount
Propeller selections

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TL-2000 Sting S4 and TL-3000 Sirius aircraft are distributed in the USA by SportairUSA, LC, a pioneer in the light sport flying movement. Our assembly and maintenance center is located at KORK North Little Rock Municipal Airport, North Little Rock, Arkansas, where we have been for more than 20 years.


The aircraft are manufactured by TL-Ultralight, s.r.o. Located in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.


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