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  Email or Call (501) 228-7777 for pricing and options—Garmin, Grand Rapids Technology, Dynon, avionics, autopilots, ADSB & more. 2016 pricing will be announced at the Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida, on January 20th.


  The whole plane parachute for Sting S3 and Sirius LSAs

Peace of Mind
Every Sting and Sirius is fitted with the industry-leading whole-plane  parachute by Galaxy High Technoogy. When activated by the pilot, the chute powers cleanly away from the aircraft and rapidly deploys, making rescue possible even at low altitudes. This whole-plane recovery system is the ultimate safety backup for airplane, passenger and pilot.

View Video of GRS 'chute opening here.

First Responders

Emergency Information: Securing the GRS parachute rocket

First Responder Safety: Useful info on the FAA Web site.


The TL-2000 Sting S4 is the latest upgrade to the Sting line, with redesigned instrument panel, canopy with integral ventilation, open baggage compartment, castering or steerable nose gear (your choice) and more.


TL-3000 Sirius...

The TL-3000 Sirius is the high-wing companion of theTL-2000 Sting. With improved ease of entry, yoke steering, generous cockpit, a spacious luggage compartment and 34 gallons of fuel, the Sirius combines the best features of traditional high-wing design with the proven performance and reliability of the Sting.

The New Sirius LSA


With more than 850 sisterships flying, the Sting and Sirius descend from a line of distinguished aircraft, including the StingSport, the Sting Carbon and the first all-fiberglass Star. Built in the same factory, both airplanes share the high technology and excellence in fit and finish that set them apart from the field.

Safe, Comfortable, Fun

Two responsive aircraft incorporating thoughtful safety and safety features, the Sting and Sirius appeal to seasoned pilots who want to put aside the costs of ordinary aircraft ownership and regain the pure joy of flying.

Very Well Equipped

Both airplanes are well equipped and well suited for cross-country flight, with either analog instruments or your choice of glass panels. These aircraft provide excellent visibility, tinted canopies, structurally secure cockpits, ballistic whole-plane parachutes, four point inertia reel harnesses, differential toe brakes for pilot and co-pilot, electronic engine monitoring system, full time carburetor body heat, CO-free cabin heat and much more.

StingSport LSA taxiing in a fieldYour Standards are High...

Ours are too. The Sting and the Sirius are complete, capable and ready for cross-town or cross-country flight.

We emphasize safety, performance and economy, and incorporate features such as a low-drag, sculpted shape, an internally mounted whole-plane parachute, a corrosion-free carbon fiber composite airframe, contoured seating and an upholstered interior.

Sitting in the full-featured cockpit, you'll enjoy the 360º view, the low noise level and the ergonomic arrangement of panel and controls.

StingSport LSA taxiing in a fieldThe 100 horsepower Rotax four cycle, four cylinder engine is an astute choice for sport aircraft. Prized for its fuel economy, it is also light in weight, powerful, well-proven and reliably flown all over the world. We mount it with an oversized radiator, an oil cooler with bypass thermostat, full-time carburetor body heat and a three-bladed, ground-adjustable Woodcomp composite propeller that is perfectly matched to engine and airframe.

To re-experience the joy of flying, call 888 FLY-SLSA to arrange an introductory flight.

The Sting S3 and all new Sirius LSA flying formationSimplicity+Safety=Fun...

The highest standards of sport aviation are incorporated in the idea that a simple, safe airplane is an airplane that is fun to fly. The Sting and the Sirius embody that ideal, in airplanes that are agile, predictable and easy to control. These important flight characteristics are enhanced by the high-tech, workload-reducing instrument panel and backed up by a robust, carbon-fiber composite fuselage and roll cage enclosing the cockpit. Four-point, inertia-reel safety harnesses secure both pilot and passenger, while the ballistic recovery system is the ultimate backup protection for airframe and crew.

Sting S3Our aircraft were the first SLSAs to incorporate advanced safety measures in airframe, engine, visibility, maneuverability, workload reduction, situational awareness and crew protection that are essential components of the fun of flying.

We also provide five hours of transition flight for new owners of Sting and Sirius aircraft, flying with experienced CFIs. That's part of the reason why our aircraft have compiled such an enviable safety record.

Sting S3First in Class...

Flying at the head of its class, the Sting (and now the Sirius) was the first light sport aircraft to include these advanced features in the standard configuration:

  • Straight|LevelTM safety system
  • Whole plane ballistic recovery parachute
  • One-piece canopy with panoramic 360° view (in the Sting)
  • Full-time carburetor body heat (to preclude icing without power degradation)
  • The Garmin stack: state-of-the-art navigation and communications for sport aviation
  • Dock-mounted, moving-map color GPSMAP by Garmin with TAWS voice terrain warnings and XM WX™ satellite weather capability
  • The Leading-Edge Six-Pack – full flight instrumentation with lighted attitude direction indicator and pictorial turn and bank indicator
  • Sting S3 PCAS™ air-to-air collision avoidance system with moving-map display, audible traffic alerts
  • Four point inertia-reel safety harnesses
  • Removable co-pilot stick (Sting only, yoke steering in the Sirius)
  • Fully carpeted and upholstered
  • Enclosed triple magnum strobes and LED position lights
  • Wig-Wag recognition lighting
  • Split flaps
  • Large cast wheels, tires and wheel fairings, suited for pavement or grass
  • Adjustable rudder pedals
  • VHF radio and mode C transponder
  • 406 Mhz ELT

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